Who We Are?

Kings and Queens Integrated Enterprises Limited is registered with the Corporate Commission of Nigeria.
The company is currently cultivating and processing cassava and cassava products. We started with Garri and other value added Garri products like the sweetened and unsweetened Coconut Garri, the coconut garriextra and the instant ordorless fufu flour. We plan to venture into other cassava products and by-products ranging from domestic to industrial starch and other cassava consumable products. We export  dry cassava chips and pellets which are used for animal feeds for cattle, poultry and general livestock.
We at Kings and Queens Integrated Enterprise limited employe the backward and forward  integration approach to achieving the goal of producing a large range of products which cuts accross food, pharmaceuticals, biodegradable products, paper and textiles, as well as addressing hunger & food security issues by delivering micro nutrients to the people through bio-fortified indigenous staple foods. Knowing, the fact that nothing is a waste in cassava, we are working at producing protien, vitamin and Mineral fortified Garri and fufu with low carbohydrate content for diabetics and health conscious Nigerians who still enjoy the traditional delicacy without jeopadicing thier health needs.
 We are a one stop shop for local and international cassava market dealing in all forms of cassava products. 
Our packaging is of world class standard and is always packaged to our customers’appeal and convenience.
Our market segments cuts across the local and international avenues.
We merge passion with purpose to deliver innovative healthy and reliable products to homes and industries, fulfilling every customer need with distinction.
The Nigerian economy has been hijacked by the foreign nations. We are part of the solution towards making a turn around to this fact. We are also contributing our quota to solving the unemployment issues by providing employment to Nigerian youths and women.